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Sea of Japan or East Sea: What Is In The Name After All?

The IHO(International Hydrographic Organization) meeting held in 2007 discussed the "East Sea, Sea of Japan" dispute between Korea and Japan. The dispute was based on the publishing of an official map of the oceans, and whether to include both East Sea and the Sea of Japan notation or not. Despite a much heated debate, the meeting ending with no straightforward results. However it has been concluded that it is problematic to simply publish the map with the Sea of Japan notation. It is important to understand the historical significance of the East Sea notation. Currently the Sea of Japan notation that is official in many foreign maps are based on the IHO map that was published in 1929. Korea was occupied by Japan during that time, and that is when Japan forcefully named East Sea as Sea of Japan. However, Korea is no longer occupied by Japan and it must be noted that the East Sea(or Chosun Sea) notation has been used as early as the 4th century up to the early 20th century.

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Tsk, tsk.. Look who's talking

The man who escaped from North Korea's maximum security concentration camp

French daily newspaper Le Monde featured an article about Shin Dong Hyuk, a North Korean man who was born in a North Korea concentration camp where he lived a miserable life until his escape. The title of the article is Escape from Camp 14. It captures the devastating reality of the North Korean government's violation of human rights. In the book, Shin vividly describes what his life was like on the camp. Shin had to witness the execution of his mother and brother after their failed attempt to escape the camp, and Shin's father had to endure merciless torture that eventually took his eyesight. There were unimaginable violence and torture. People were treated less than animals and were forced into gruesome labor. Shin said the words love, empathy, and family were unthinkable and meaningless in the camp. Hitler's death camps and Stalin's gulag are continuing their legacy through North Korea's concentration camps. The North Korean government's propaganda boasting its nation as a utopia and a paradise is outrageous and ridiculous.

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The East Sea, Not the Sea of Japan

Therefore, those who support the idea of using a term "Sea of japan" have to International community has recently paid attention to upcoming decision by IHO in which will make an determination how to call the disputed sea. ("East Sea" supported by South Korea or "Sea of Japan" by Japan). Using the term "Sea of Japan" has been started from 1929 when IHO published "Boundary between Ocean and Sea". At that time, Korea was japanese colony. At Three Kingdoms period (4~5C), the term "Chosun or East sea" was used. However, unilaterally used the term "Sea of " and made the dispute international problem. Also, it is not desirable to call the disputed area "Sea of japan" only because, at that time IHO published the second edition of "Boundary between Ocean and Sea" (1937), japan was colonizing korea and Korean peninsula was at war when the organization publishing the third edition in 1953. be blamed because they didn't understand the historic background behind the sea and their opinion seems advocate the imperial period. We hope that through ample discussion by IHO, both "East sea" and "Sea of japan" will be used together so as to make the distorted history correctly.

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Will North Korea cyber attack on South Korea?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N. Korean army vows 'special operation' against South North Korea's military announced Monday it would soon launch "special operations" against South Korea's conservative president, accusing him of insulting Pyongyang's past leaders. "We announce that special actions by our revolutionary army aimed to crush reckless challenges by the enemy forces will begin soon," said a statement on official media which gave no details of the actions. "The target of the special actions is the main enemy, Lee Myung-Bak, and his followers including the conservative media," said the announcement by what was termed the "special operation action unit" of the top military command. The North has for months been criticising the South's President Lee in extreme terms and threatening "sacred war". No incidents have been reported. Tens of thousands rallied in Pyongyang last Friday, screaming hatred for Lee and calling for his death over alleged insults during anniversary celebrations held by the North in mid-April. – AFP ========== Speical operaion means Cyber attack on South Korea???

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Kim Jong-Un needs to be sent to a madhouse

North Korea's failed Kwangmyeongsung-3 satellite launch was for a 5 year long space development project and the long-range rocket technology was to be used for stationary satellite development. From what I know, North Korea spent more than 800 million dollars developing Kwangmyeongsung-3. With this budget, all of North Korean can buy 2 year worth of rice. However, this money was wasted by creating a stationary satellite. At the moment, many North Koreans are starving to death. How can Kim Jong Un claim that North Korea has entered the days of glory, and paradise? That is one of the lousiest lies I've ever heard. 3 generations of hereditary succession of power, and dictatorship has led to insane thoughts and actions... Shouldn't Kim Jong-Un be sent to a shrink for a psyco test?

S. Korea reveals ‘Chunryong' missile that can hit Kim Jong-Un's office

The ROK armed forces revealed that they developed their own original cruise and ballistic missiles that are one of the world's best, and have deployed and stationed on the 19th. ROK armed forces have reported video and photos that detail the hit power of the missiles to president Lee Myung Bak, and revealed to the mass media. The armed forces refused to confirm with the media saying it si "top seecret", but the revealed missiles are believed to be ballistic missile, Hyunmoo-2 and cruise missile, Hyunmoo-3. Hyunmoo-2 and Hyunmoo-3's launch has never been revealed. The Korean armed forces actions of revealing the two missiles is believed to be a reaction to North Korea's failed missile test, and making its new ballistic missile public. The Korean Ministry of Defense stated, "the cruise missile developed by the Korean armed forces can launch pinpoint strikes to any point in North Korea from anywhere in the Korean peninsula. It's precision and accuracy is world-class." The cruise missile can succeed pinpoint strikes on few hundred km far targets the size of a small window, and can target any facility, equipment, population at any time, any where, limitlessly.

North Korea threatens to blast Seoul to ashes

After the failed launch of long-range missiles, North Korea's cornered-leader, Kim Jong Un, has been blaming the Korean government and threatened by saying, "North Korea would blast everything in Seoul to ashes." Since the age, experience, knowledge-wisely lacking leader, Kim Jong-Un has no progress to gain support of his people, he tries to use the Nuclear test, and missile test cards as an attempt to change the flow. However, it was an epic failure. North Korea argued that the 'rocket' launch was for space development and a satellite launch. However, from their actions, it is obvious that by no means was it a satellite launch. Taking no responsibility for their actions, North Korea only threatens South Korea and the US blaming the failure on the scapegoats. Nothing has changed.

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South Korea ruling party set to win legislative election

South Korea's conservative ruling party was set to win Wednesday's legislative election, a key test of sentiment before December's presidential vote, according to a TV projection. With more than 90 percent of ballots counted, state broadcaster KBS forecast 152 seats for the New Frontier Party (NFP) in the 300-member National Assembly. It predicted 128 for the opposition centre-left Democratic United Party (DUP), which had been tipped to score an easy victory in earlier opinion polls. "The DUP failed to turn public calls for punishing the... ruling party into reality. We apologise for disappointing (supporters)," DUP secretary general Park Sun-Sook told reporters, effectively conceding defeat. "We will sincerely think over what today's election means and try ceaselessly to be reborn as a party the people can lean and rely on," she said. The election was seen as a test for presidential hopefuls. It will be the first time for two decades that the presidential and parliamentary elections fall in the same year. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/South-Korea-ruling-party-set-to-win-legislative-election/articleshow/12628299.cms
South Korea has demonstrated today, after the competitive election between the conservative and the progressive, that the top priorities of the Korean people are the national security issues and domestic economic troubles. This result will show that the people of South Korean are united under the same cause, even to stand against the provocations from North Korea with their missile launch scheme.

[Breaking news] N.Korea says fuel being injected into rocket now

http://www.euronews.com/newswires/1477844-north-korea-says-fuel-being-injected-into-rocket-now/ North Korea was injecting fuel into a long-range rocket “as we speak”, the head of the North Korean satellite control centre said on Wednesday ahead of a launch condemned by its neighbours and the West. “I think the fuel injection will be completed at an appropriate date,” Paek Chang-ho, head of the satellite control centre of the Korean Committee of Space Technology, told a group of foreign journalists. He would not comment on when the fuel injection would be complete. “And as for the exact timing of the launch, it will be decided by my superiors”, Paek said. Regional powers said the launch, due sometime between Thursday and next Monday, is a disguised test of the North’s long-range missile. The North says it is merely putting a weather satellite into space. North Korea's long range rocket launch is provocative action!!!!

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Threat Against the Interception of North Korean Satellite Launch...?

Even North Korea's most trusted ally, China is firmly urging North Korea to abort the satellite launch of Kwangmyeongsung-3... But you can never know the extent of North Korea's menace and obstinacy. North Korean authorities are threatening that "interception of peaceful rocket launch will result in ruinous consequences," and that "North Korea will take necessary actions in the case of an interception." This time, they added that they will "consider the act of interception as an declaration of war." The problem is that even if Kwangmyeongsung-3 is indeed a satellite, there is considerable possibility that the first propellant may crash in Korea's West Sea islands, Japan, and the Philippines territory. Therefore, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, are planning to intercept the rocket propellant as a measure to protect one's homeland. Japan's Self-Defense Forces, in particular has ordered 'destruction measure' against the North Korean rocket. Although North Korea's regime may be in trouble both domestic and foreign domains, the North Korea should abandon the long-range missile launch, and the nuclear test, which the UN, ROK, China, the US, and other countries are openly denouncing, and should use peaceful, diplomatic measures and cooperate with the world to create a more stable regime, and find ways for the provision of food in North Korea.

N.Korea prepping for 3rd nuclear test: source

North Korea is believed to be preparing for a nuclear test at its test site of Punggye-ri in Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province, a source on North Korea said Sunday. The source said satellite images showed digging of a new underground tunnel at the Punggye-ri site, which had two existing tunnels, adding that the construction was believed to be in the final stages. Pyongyang conducted its two previous nuclear tests at the site, first in October 2006 and then in May 2009. Images taken by a U.S. commercial satellite April 1 show a new tunnel being dug in the southern part of the site, which has existing tunnels on its eastern and western parts. The images also show piles of earth and sand at the entrance of the new tunnel. The soil is believed to have been brought to the site from other places, and the volume is said to have been increasing since last month. “Considering that the North plug tunnels with soil as part of final steps before carrying out a nuclear test, it will likely to conduct the test using the excuse of international pressure after its planned long-range rocket launch,” the source said. North Korea conducted its first nuclear test on Oct. 9, 2006, three months after the U.N. Security Council adopted Resolution 1695 against Pyongyang`s launch of a long-range missile. The North`s second nuclear test came on May 25, 2009, a month after it launched a long-range rocket that it claimed was an artificial satellite.