2012년 8월 24일 금요일

Korea and Japan's War of Nerves on Dokdo

The atmosphere between Korea and Japan on Dokdo is tense. Both countries are claiming possession of Dokdo. In order to see the historical truth on Dokdo, we need to dive into the past. Japan is claiming Dokdo on the grounds that Japan included Dokdo into Shimane prefecture in 1905. However, there are many historical data that prove that Dokdo is Korean territory before 1905. In ancient maps and official documents Dokdo is shown as Korean territory. There is evidence that documented the fact that Japanese who fished near Dokdo came to Ulleung island to pay taxes. If Dokdo were Japanese territory, the Japanese would not have to pay taxes to Korea, and would have went straight to Japan. Currently, Japan has many territorial disputes with many countries. Japan is in disputes with China, the Senkaku islands, with Russia, the Kuril islands, and with Korea, the Dokdo. Sooner or later, Japan is going to claim that the whole world is Japanese. When will Japan wake up from their imperialistic dreams.


There are testimonies and evidence that are consistent with the historical facts that Japan has enforced comfort women into sexual slavery. What more eivdence other than this does Japan need? Japan's request for evidence is outrageous.

2012년 7월 5일 목요일

Super Junior released a new album.

The title song of the album is 'Sexy, Free&Single.' Super Junior said they sought a new music style in their 6th full-length album, escaping from the repeated acid funky style in their previous work and trying out European house. Instead of electronic sounds, they put more emphasis in their warm and sexy vocals. Super Junior has been proving their star power in and out of the country after its debut in 2005. They were successfully in world tours in 10 cities, singing their songs, Mr. Simple, Bonomana, and were on the top of the charts for 100 weeks. They were introduced in Thai music textbooks. We hope Super Junior's new album will be as successful, if not more, this time.

2012년 7월 2일 월요일

British Air Force's Largest Airshow - Waddington International Air Show

The Waddinton Air Show, British Air Force's largest air show, took place on 30 June and 1 July 2012, celebrating the centenary of both the RAF's Central Flying School and Military Aviation in UK. The Air show attracts over 140,000 visitors and representatives of Air Forces from all around the world. The flying display gained international acclaim. This year the ROK Air Force participated. Black Eagles... The specail air force team that operates T-50B derived from the Korean made supersonic advanced jet trainer T-50. The team displayed on-air performances for the first time in an international air show. They performed splendidly well, and gained accolades from the visitors. In order to celebrate their debut performance, they co-performed with the UK special air force team Red Arrows. The debut performance of Black Eagles was awesome, and we hope they can participate in other international air shows. Waddington Air Show : Every year, 10 countries from the world, 140,000 visiotrs parcipate, UK Air Force's largest air show RIAT : world's largest military air show, held annually over the third weekend in July, where 20 countries participate, and 200,000 spectators visit Farnborough Airshow : a seven-day international trade fair for the aerospace industry, which is organized by ADS Group Limited, a British aerospace industry organization, where 40 countries, and 1,500 exhibitors and 150,000 trade visitors participate

2012년 6월 28일 목요일

How North Korean children are taught to hate the American

In North Korea, the systematic indoctrination of anti-Americanism starts as early as kindergarten and is as much a part of the curriculum as learning to count. The sentiment of the U.S. - known as American b******* - is reflected in a framed wall poster inside a North Korean kindergarten classroom where children brandish rifles and bayonets as they attack a hapless U.S. soldier, his face bandaged and blood spurting from his mouth. North Korean students learn that their country has had two main enemies: the Japanese, who colonized Korea from 1910. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2163817/How-North-Korean-children-taught-hate-American-b----kindergarten.html#ixzz1z8TOhAHA

2012년 6월 27일 수요일

Human rights for women in N.Korea is shocking

The status of Human rights for women in North Korea's Chongori concentration camp is shocking. Through a report titled "Help me! - Chongori concentration camp in North Korea : a place where there have been anti-human crimes", We will get a chance to know serious conditions inChongori concentration camp in North Korea. 80% people of those who defected from North Korea was repatriated to Chongori concentration camp and that place has been notorious for its treatment to inmates with harsh abuse. Acocording to that report, people inside the camp eat very little amount of food and all the inmates have to do harsh works such as logging, mining, and farming. And if they don't meet the quota, they can't sleep. Human rights for women is more shocking. Guard in that concentration camp forcibly abort a child and then make the womne infertile by burning their womb. And sexual harassment and torture is widely happening. We can't expect North Korean government to at least guarantee the right to lead a life as a human as well as freedom of ideology. North Korea's propaganda that it is a wonderful country and got a first rank in happiness index is totally unacceptable.

2012년 6월 25일 월요일

The US started the Korean war??

Norh Korea is bullshitting once again. The US started the Korean war?? Korean War started in 1950 because of North Korea's ambush invasion, which later developed into a 3 year and 2 months long full-scale war between UN forces that supported South Korea, and the Chinese forces, divided into the democratic camp, and the communist camp, that supported North Korea. North Korea's provocation resulted in countless casualties from US and Korea, trying to defend liberty and peace. As a result for the sacrifices of the war heroes, Korea exists as it is known to the day. Everybody knows the truth. I don't understand why North Korea is talking nonsense. Seems like Kim Jong Un gets constipation, if he is not denounced for a day.

2012년 6월 8일 금요일

Fake Cries at North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Speech

Kim Jong-Un made his second speech at a major public event since taking power in December, addressing a children's rally aimed at winning a new generation's support. The speech was organized to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Korean Children's Union founding. During the speech, the young members of KCU started to burst into tears. Was the festive speech such a touching one? The whole over exaggerated scenery looked like a scam with extremely proficient musical actors. Kim Jong-Un, is it really worth being a leader who wants to be shown to the outside world to be a respected leader of warm-heartedness, at the cost of brainwashing innocent kids to burst into tears? No matter how hard you try, what we see is a leader who is propagandize military-first policies, and idolizing yourself in front of innocent kids. Don't you think it's about time that you grow up?

2012년 6월 1일 금요일

In commemoration of those who fought for freedom and peace...

Not long ago, 12 KIA bodies were brought back to Korea. North Korea found the bodies and notified to the Korean government that the deceased soldiers were of Korean origin. The US lost around 30 thousand soldiers during the Korean War. It is believed that there many that are still to be found in North Korean soil. The US government put a lot of effort to bring them back. In 1993, the US and North Korea agreed to cooperate for excavating the war heroes' bodies. Until 2005, 225 bodies were found. However, after 2005, relations with North Korea deteriorated after the North launched missile tests. The Korean government is negotiating with the North for the excavation of the deceased soldiers, but there is little progress. It is a shame... We hope that the two countries can come to an agreement so that those who fought for freedom and peace could return to their homeland.

2012년 5월 29일 화요일

Entranced by Spiciness! - Korean Ramen

More and more people are going head over heels for Korea's ramen, known for its satisfying spicy and hot taste that will leave you begging for more. Korean ramen saw increase in exports by more than 20% last year! The reason why Korean ramen gained so much popularilty recently is because of K-POP and the promoting of South Korea as a brand worldwide. There are many varieties of ramen. But we all know ramen has to have that spicy taste! If you haven't tried, I think it's worth a challenge!

2012년 5월 14일 월요일

Another Trouble Maker, China

Recently, China and Philippines have been fighting over Scarborough island in South China Sea. Historically, the island has been Philippine territory, and nobody dared to deny that fact. However, from an unknown point in time, China has been claiming that the island is Chinese territory, and recently, the Chinese government banned Philippine fishermen from approaching the island. At the moment, China is making a similar situation with Korean island... The Ieodo... Historically, Ieodo is Korean territory, but China is claming that Ieodo is Chinese territory for security and economic reasons. China has territory disputes with a total of 14 countries. If China wants to be a powerful nation, it has to act like one, and not bully other countries, and create bunch of unnecessary conflicts. How can we call such a country a G2 nation?

2012년 5월 9일 수요일

A dark age with out freedom of press

North Korea has once more been nominated as the country with worst freedom of press, religion, and expression. North Korea oppresses information, and even the media that's being used for state propagandas are under heavy surveillance and control of the state. The internet is heavily restricted to the very few. There is almost no exchange with the outside world. The reason for the oppression is freedom of press will hinder maintaining the oppressive regime. So, they control the media by only praising Kim Jong Un, and hide all the important things from its people. I feel sorry for the North Korean people who are living in a dark age without freedom of press.

Cormorant Foreign currency

2012년 5월 2일 수요일

A Korean film "Taste of Money" submitted to Cannes Film Festival

The 65th Cannes Film Festival will be held throughout May. People are already interested in movies nominated in competition lineup ahead of opening of world-renowned film festival. Of movies nominated in competition lineup, i'd like to talk about a movie called 'Taste of Money' directed by Lim Sang-su. The movie is about secret story related with Korea's the most upper class. And even a poster of the film is attracting prospective viewers. Cannes' general delegate Thierry Fremaux also gave a good review of the movie's cinematic quality, saying "I'm doubtless sure that "Taste of Money" is the best movie among official entries in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. As Korean movies such as 'Old Boy', 'Secret Sunshine' and 'Poetry' were awarded in major sectors of Cannes Film Festival, Movie community all over the world has paid lots of attention to Korean film. I think if current interest to 'Taste of Money' is continuous, that movie will get a good remarks from many people.

2012년 4월 27일 금요일

Sea of Japan or East Sea: What Is In The Name After All?

The IHO(International Hydrographic Organization) meeting held in 2007 discussed the "East Sea, Sea of Japan" dispute between Korea and Japan. The dispute was based on the publishing of an official map of the oceans, and whether to include both East Sea and the Sea of Japan notation or not. Despite a much heated debate, the meeting ending with no straightforward results. However it has been concluded that it is problematic to simply publish the map with the Sea of Japan notation. It is important to understand the historical significance of the East Sea notation. Currently the Sea of Japan notation that is official in many foreign maps are based on the IHO map that was published in 1929. Korea was occupied by Japan during that time, and that is when Japan forcefully named East Sea as Sea of Japan. However, Korea is no longer occupied by Japan and it must be noted that the East Sea(or Chosun Sea) notation has been used as early as the 4th century up to the early 20th century.

2012년 4월 25일 수요일

Tsk, tsk.. Look who's talking

The man who escaped from North Korea's maximum security concentration camp

French daily newspaper Le Monde featured an article about Shin Dong Hyuk, a North Korean man who was born in a North Korea concentration camp where he lived a miserable life until his escape. The title of the article is Escape from Camp 14. It captures the devastating reality of the North Korean government's violation of human rights. In the book, Shin vividly describes what his life was like on the camp. Shin had to witness the execution of his mother and brother after their failed attempt to escape the camp, and Shin's father had to endure merciless torture that eventually took his eyesight. There were unimaginable violence and torture. People were treated less than animals and were forced into gruesome labor. Shin said the words love, empathy, and family were unthinkable and meaningless in the camp. Hitler's death camps and Stalin's gulag are continuing their legacy through North Korea's concentration camps. The North Korean government's propaganda boasting its nation as a utopia and a paradise is outrageous and ridiculous.

2012년 4월 24일 화요일

The East Sea, Not the Sea of Japan

Therefore, those who support the idea of using a term "Sea of japan" have to International community has recently paid attention to upcoming decision by IHO in which will make an determination how to call the disputed sea. ("East Sea" supported by South Korea or "Sea of Japan" by Japan). Using the term "Sea of Japan" has been started from 1929 when IHO published "Boundary between Ocean and Sea". At that time, Korea was japanese colony. At Three Kingdoms period (4~5C), the term "Chosun or East sea" was used. However, unilaterally used the term "Sea of " and made the dispute international problem. Also, it is not desirable to call the disputed area "Sea of japan" only because, at that time IHO published the second edition of "Boundary between Ocean and Sea" (1937), japan was colonizing korea and Korean peninsula was at war when the organization publishing the third edition in 1953. be blamed because they didn't understand the historic background behind the sea and their opinion seems advocate the imperial period. We hope that through ample discussion by IHO, both "East sea" and "Sea of japan" will be used together so as to make the distorted history correctly.

2012년 4월 23일 월요일

Will North Korea cyber attack on South Korea?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N. Korean army vows 'special operation' against South North Korea's military announced Monday it would soon launch "special operations" against South Korea's conservative president, accusing him of insulting Pyongyang's past leaders. "We announce that special actions by our revolutionary army aimed to crush reckless challenges by the enemy forces will begin soon," said a statement on official media which gave no details of the actions. "The target of the special actions is the main enemy, Lee Myung-Bak, and his followers including the conservative media," said the announcement by what was termed the "special operation action unit" of the top military command. The North has for months been criticising the South's President Lee in extreme terms and threatening "sacred war". No incidents have been reported. Tens of thousands rallied in Pyongyang last Friday, screaming hatred for Lee and calling for his death over alleged insults during anniversary celebrations held by the North in mid-April. – AFP ========== Speical operaion means Cyber attack on South Korea???

2012년 4월 19일 목요일

Kim Jong-Un needs to be sent to a madhouse

North Korea's failed Kwangmyeongsung-3 satellite launch was for a 5 year long space development project and the long-range rocket technology was to be used for stationary satellite development. From what I know, North Korea spent more than 800 million dollars developing Kwangmyeongsung-3. With this budget, all of North Korean can buy 2 year worth of rice. However, this money was wasted by creating a stationary satellite. At the moment, many North Koreans are starving to death. How can Kim Jong Un claim that North Korea has entered the days of glory, and paradise? That is one of the lousiest lies I've ever heard. 3 generations of hereditary succession of power, and dictatorship has led to insane thoughts and actions... Shouldn't Kim Jong-Un be sent to a shrink for a psyco test?

S. Korea reveals ‘Chunryong' missile that can hit Kim Jong-Un's office

The ROK armed forces revealed that they developed their own original cruise and ballistic missiles that are one of the world's best, and have deployed and stationed on the 19th. ROK armed forces have reported video and photos that detail the hit power of the missiles to president Lee Myung Bak, and revealed to the mass media. The armed forces refused to confirm with the media saying it si "top seecret", but the revealed missiles are believed to be ballistic missile, Hyunmoo-2 and cruise missile, Hyunmoo-3. Hyunmoo-2 and Hyunmoo-3's launch has never been revealed. The Korean armed forces actions of revealing the two missiles is believed to be a reaction to North Korea's failed missile test, and making its new ballistic missile public. The Korean Ministry of Defense stated, "the cruise missile developed by the Korean armed forces can launch pinpoint strikes to any point in North Korea from anywhere in the Korean peninsula. It's precision and accuracy is world-class." The cruise missile can succeed pinpoint strikes on few hundred km far targets the size of a small window, and can target any facility, equipment, population at any time, any where, limitlessly.

North Korea threatens to blast Seoul to ashes

After the failed launch of long-range missiles, North Korea's cornered-leader, Kim Jong Un, has been blaming the Korean government and threatened by saying, "North Korea would blast everything in Seoul to ashes." Since the age, experience, knowledge-wisely lacking leader, Kim Jong-Un has no progress to gain support of his people, he tries to use the Nuclear test, and missile test cards as an attempt to change the flow. However, it was an epic failure. North Korea argued that the 'rocket' launch was for space development and a satellite launch. However, from their actions, it is obvious that by no means was it a satellite launch. Taking no responsibility for their actions, North Korea only threatens South Korea and the US blaming the failure on the scapegoats. Nothing has changed.

2012년 4월 11일 수요일

South Korea ruling party set to win legislative election

South Korea's conservative ruling party was set to win Wednesday's legislative election, a key test of sentiment before December's presidential vote, according to a TV projection. With more than 90 percent of ballots counted, state broadcaster KBS forecast 152 seats for the New Frontier Party (NFP) in the 300-member National Assembly. It predicted 128 for the opposition centre-left Democratic United Party (DUP), which had been tipped to score an easy victory in earlier opinion polls. "The DUP failed to turn public calls for punishing the... ruling party into reality. We apologise for disappointing (supporters)," DUP secretary general Park Sun-Sook told reporters, effectively conceding defeat. "We will sincerely think over what today's election means and try ceaselessly to be reborn as a party the people can lean and rely on," she said. The election was seen as a test for presidential hopefuls. It will be the first time for two decades that the presidential and parliamentary elections fall in the same year. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/South-Korea-ruling-party-set-to-win-legislative-election/articleshow/12628299.cms
South Korea has demonstrated today, after the competitive election between the conservative and the progressive, that the top priorities of the Korean people are the national security issues and domestic economic troubles. This result will show that the people of South Korean are united under the same cause, even to stand against the provocations from North Korea with their missile launch scheme.

[Breaking news] N.Korea says fuel being injected into rocket now

http://www.euronews.com/newswires/1477844-north-korea-says-fuel-being-injected-into-rocket-now/ North Korea was injecting fuel into a long-range rocket “as we speak”, the head of the North Korean satellite control centre said on Wednesday ahead of a launch condemned by its neighbours and the West. “I think the fuel injection will be completed at an appropriate date,” Paek Chang-ho, head of the satellite control centre of the Korean Committee of Space Technology, told a group of foreign journalists. He would not comment on when the fuel injection would be complete. “And as for the exact timing of the launch, it will be decided by my superiors”, Paek said. Regional powers said the launch, due sometime between Thursday and next Monday, is a disguised test of the North’s long-range missile. The North says it is merely putting a weather satellite into space. North Korea's long range rocket launch is provocative action!!!!

2012년 4월 9일 월요일

Threat Against the Interception of North Korean Satellite Launch...?

Even North Korea's most trusted ally, China is firmly urging North Korea to abort the satellite launch of Kwangmyeongsung-3... But you can never know the extent of North Korea's menace and obstinacy. North Korean authorities are threatening that "interception of peaceful rocket launch will result in ruinous consequences," and that "North Korea will take necessary actions in the case of an interception." This time, they added that they will "consider the act of interception as an declaration of war." The problem is that even if Kwangmyeongsung-3 is indeed a satellite, there is considerable possibility that the first propellant may crash in Korea's West Sea islands, Japan, and the Philippines territory. Therefore, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, are planning to intercept the rocket propellant as a measure to protect one's homeland. Japan's Self-Defense Forces, in particular has ordered 'destruction measure' against the North Korean rocket. Although North Korea's regime may be in trouble both domestic and foreign domains, the North Korea should abandon the long-range missile launch, and the nuclear test, which the UN, ROK, China, the US, and other countries are openly denouncing, and should use peaceful, diplomatic measures and cooperate with the world to create a more stable regime, and find ways for the provision of food in North Korea.

N.Korea prepping for 3rd nuclear test: source

North Korea is believed to be preparing for a nuclear test at its test site of Punggye-ri in Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province, a source on North Korea said Sunday. The source said satellite images showed digging of a new underground tunnel at the Punggye-ri site, which had two existing tunnels, adding that the construction was believed to be in the final stages. Pyongyang conducted its two previous nuclear tests at the site, first in October 2006 and then in May 2009. Images taken by a U.S. commercial satellite April 1 show a new tunnel being dug in the southern part of the site, which has existing tunnels on its eastern and western parts. The images also show piles of earth and sand at the entrance of the new tunnel. The soil is believed to have been brought to the site from other places, and the volume is said to have been increasing since last month. “Considering that the North plug tunnels with soil as part of final steps before carrying out a nuclear test, it will likely to conduct the test using the excuse of international pressure after its planned long-range rocket launch,” the source said. North Korea conducted its first nuclear test on Oct. 9, 2006, three months after the U.N. Security Council adopted Resolution 1695 against Pyongyang`s launch of a long-range missile. The North`s second nuclear test came on May 25, 2009, a month after it launched a long-range rocket that it claimed was an artificial satellite.

2012년 3월 27일 화요일

President Obama Speaks at Hankuk University

President Obama speaks to faculty, staff and students of Hankuk University in Seoul about global progress toward nuclear non-proliferation. March 26, 2012.

S.Korea, U.S., China, Russia Urge N.Korea to Scrap Missile Launch

The leaders of South Korea, the U.S., China and Russia in bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit on Monday urged North Korea to abandon a planned rocket launch. Japan has also strongly demanded Pyongyang halt what many believe is really a long-range missile test, meaning all participants in six-party talks on the North nuclear program except the North itself are united in wanting the planned launch cancelled. President Lee Myung-bak met consecutively with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, where talks focused on North Korea. Hu and Medvedev also spoke one-on-one with U.S. President Barack Obama, who met Lee a day ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit. In the 45-minute meeting with Lee at Cheong Wa Dae, Hu called the rocket launch plan "undesirable" and added China's leadership is "trying hard to get North Korea to give it up it." China has evidently decided it is diplomatically wiser to adopt close ally Pyongyang's description of the planned launch, which the North says aims to put a satellite into orbit. But Hu's comments suggest that Beijing in principle agrees that the launch is a long-range ballistic missile test and therefore violates UN Security Council Resolution 1874. Medvedev also said in his meeting with Lee that Pyongyang should focus on feeding its people rather than launching any long-range missiles. The united positions of UN Security Council members China, Russia and the U.S. indicate that the North will not be able to avoid UN sanctions if it goes ahead with the launch.

2012년 3월 25일 일요일

Obama Visits Border with N.Korea

U.S. President Barack Obama visited the heavily armed border with North Korea on Sunday morning amid reports that the North moved a rocket it says will carry a satellite to a launch pad for imminent liftoff. Obama told troops there that they are at "freedom's frontier."
U.S. President Barack Obama looks through binoculars at North Korea from Observation Post Ouellette in the Demilitarized Zone on Sunday. /AP-Newsis At a press conference afterwards, Obama said a look at the North Korean side of the border through binoculars from the demilitarized zone is "like you're looking across 50 years into a country that has missed 40 years or 50 years of progress." Obama is the fourth U.S. president to visit the DMZ after Ronald Reagan (1983), Bill Clinton (1993), and George W. Bush (2002).

North Korean missile

2012년 3월 19일 월요일

NK Media : Kim Jong un directed Yeonpyeong shelling

A North Korean newspaper has confirmed that the North's attack on South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island in late 2010 was launched under the orders of the North's current leader Kim Jong-un. The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North's Workers' Party, carried an editorial on February 16th, the birthday of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. The editorial was contributed by a pro-North Korea Indian who goes by the name Vishwanath, who heads the International Institute of the Juche Idea. The piece said that when South Korea prompted a military provocation near Yeonpyeong Island, Kim Jong-un's resourceful strategy and military operation frustrated the enemy's provocation and the island turned into a sea of fire. The paper has also confirmed that during the shelling, the North Korean military also suffered casualties due to South Korea's counterattack. Last April, the paper, in an unusual move, acknowledged damage from the exchange of fire. It described farmers in South Hwanghae Province lending a helping hand to a soldier who was shot to the ground during the Yeonpyeong shelling.

North Korea, in the view of a Cartoonist

2012년 3월 16일 금요일

Obama likely to visit land border of two Koreas

The White House indicated Tuesday that President Barack Obama will tour the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which separates the two Koreas, during his visit to South Korea later this month. "A visit to the DMZ would be reflective of the president's commitment to both security on the Korean Peninsula and the need for North Korea to live up to its international obligations, give up its nuclear weapons program and return to the community of nations," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at a press briefing. He was reponding to a news report that Obama is expected to visit the DMZ when he travels to the South to attend the second Nuclear Security Summit March 26-27. It would be Obama's third visit to South Korea, a key Asian ally, since his inauguration in 2009. But Carney evaded a question on whether Obama will deliver a key message to North Korea during his possible trip to the DMZ, heavily fortified by the militaries of the two Koreas, still technically at war. Their 1950-53 Korean War ended in an armistice, not a formal peace treaty. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush visited the DMZ while in office.

2012년 3월 14일 수요일

Rough diplomacy: UN delegates in punch up

South Korean politicians have scuffled with North Korean delegates at a UN meeting on the North's alleged human rights abuses. Several South Koreans tried to grab a North Korean diplomat leaving UN meeting in Switzerland as they chanted slogans against China's policy of repatriating North Korean defectors, footage from Yonhap news agency shot on Monday showed. The South Koreans were pushed away by security and North Korean delegates. The incident came amid reports that China is returning dozens of North Koreans to their communist homeland instead of letting them defect to the South. China sees North Koreans who illegally cross its border as economic migrants, but activists fear the North Koreans are refugees who will face torture and imprisonment if repatriated.
read more : http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/world/rough-diplomacy-un-delegates-in-punch-up-20120314-1uz25.html#ixzz1p4xFSWed

2012년 3월 13일 화요일

Lee Myung-bak says Ieodo not territorial dispute

President Lee Myung-bak said Monday that Ieodo, a submerged reef 4.6 meters below sea level south of Jeju Island, is not the subject of a territorial dispute between South Korea and China. With the remarks, President Lee built up pressure on China to admit the reef belongs to South Korea. In a speech delivered at a forum hosted by the Korea News Editors’ Association, Lee stressed that the nature of the issue was not a territorial dispute. “Should a certain type of dispute occur near the waters off Jeju Island, this will give a serious blow to our economy,” he said. “It is a sensitive issue, but I believe Ieodo will be recognized as being under our sovereignty if the government discusses the matter with China.” He made the remarks amid a possible diplomatic row over Ieodo which erupted after a Chinese official’s remarks in early March. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency on March 3, Liu Cigui, director of China’s State Oceanic Administration, said his agency had launched a monitoring system of surveillance vessels and aircraft for the waters surrounding the reef on which Korea has built an ocean research station. The Chinese official’s remarks caused a stir among South Koreans after a local media reported it Saturday. On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade called in Zhang Xinsen, Chinese ambassador to South Korea, to protest Liu’s remarks. Asking for anonymity, a foreign ministry official told reporters that Seoul delivered an unmistakable message to the Chinese envoy that it can’t accept China’s claims to the reef, maintaining that it is part of South Korea’s territory. South Korea has maintained that Ieodo lies within its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) as it sits on the Korean side of the equidistant line and the reef is located on the Korean section of the continental shelf. The dispute emerged again this week following the Chinese government’s claim over the territory back in 2008 on its website. The government demanded China drop the claim, which was later accepted by Beijing. South Korea established the Ieodo Ocean Research Station on the reef with state-of-the-art ocean, weather and environment observation systems that were built to collect and provide information needed for ocean and weather forecasts, fishery forecasts and responses to global environmental challenges on a real-time basis. During the meeting with top editors from major local newspapers and journalists, President Lee also urged China again to stop repatriating North Korean defectors. Lee said this was a human rights issue and about universal values, saying he requested China to deal with the defectors issue in accordance with international norms. China’s repatriation of North Korean defectors has become an international issue as human rights activists and bloggers around the world joined Seoul’s call for Beijing to stop this.

2012년 3월 7일 수요일

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Officially Visits DMZ

North Korean Young Leader Kim Jong un officially visited the heavily armed border with rival South Korea, Panmunjon village in the DMZ. During his visit, Kim Jong un ordered troops to "maintain the maximum alertness as they are standing in confrontation with the enemies at all times." Furious about posting threatening slogans beneath portraits of Kim Jong Un and his deceased father by a South Korean military unit near Seoul, 150,000 North Koreans, both its citizens and military officials, rallied in Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung square, chanting slogans inciting violence against the South Korean president. We believe that the threats are aimed internally as Kim Jong Un bolsters his power among the elite and military as the third generation of his family to lead the country. However, nothing will change in the future. The ROK will likely ignore Kim Jong Un's official Panmunjom visit as it has no storng impact. Moreover, the international voice against North Korea and the wave of revolution within is irreversible.

2012년 3월 6일 화요일

7th Fleet commandship, USS Blue Ridge visits Korean navy's First fleet

US Navy 7th Fleet's commandship, USS Blue Ridge visited Korean Navy's First Fleet after participating in the ROK-US Combined forces military exercise. USS Blue Ridge soldiers visited the Donghae(East Sea) emphasize the continued cooperation between the US and The ROK. Blue Ridge Soldiers are scheduled to exchange and experience the culture and history of their allied nations, which broadens the sailors' perspectives. In a 4 day schedule, sailors went on sightseeing tours, participated in community service events with their ROK navy partners, built friendships while attending a cultural art performance and participated in a Korean cultural-heritage tour. The US sailors visited Chon'gok cave, Mooreung valley, Jeongdongjin Security Pavillion, Sokcho Cith museum, Sorak Mountain, and participated in community service for the disabled and elderly by providing haircuts, washing clothes, cleaning, and bathing. The Korean soldiers of First Fleet provided "Art Chamber Orchestra, samulnori, Taekwondo demonstration, and fusion variety performances for the Seventh Fleet sailors. The port visit was an unique occasion and opportunity for sailors of both countires to meet each other and build stronger relationships as allies, and confirm the continued cooperation between the US and the ROK.

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Kim Jong-un Joins War of Words Against S.Korea-U.S. Drills

New North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has personally joined Pyongyang's rhetorical war against joint South Korea-U.S. military exercises that kick off Monday. According to the North's official KCNA news agency, Kim on Sunday visited four units under the 4th Army Corps, which shelled Yeonpyeong Island in October 2010, and was quoted as parroting earlier calls in the official media for "a powerful retaliatory strike" at South Korea, "should the enemy intrude even 0.001 mm" into its waters. On Saturday, the North's powerful National Defense Commission also denounced the exercises. "Nuclear weapons are not an exclusive property of the U.S.," it said. "We have more powerful means of war than the nuclear weapons of the U.S. and state-of-the-art strike equipment that nobody else has."
A South Korean military source said North Korean military units exchanged radio messages during a South Korean firing drill on the northwesternmost islands on Feb. 20 that said, "We're ready to risk a full-scale war." But experts say the chances of an actual attack from the North are slim, since these threats are customary ahead of South Korea-U.S. drlls. The response this time round is more vociferous, however, probably because Kim Jong-un has yet to consolidate his hold on power after his father Kim Jong-il's death in December. The first part of the joint exercises, dubbed "Key Resolve," involves 2,100 U.S. troops and 200,000 South Korean forces from Monday to March 9. The second part, called "Foal Eagle" runs from Thursday until the end of April and involves some 11,000 U.S. troops carrying out aerial, sea and special operations, as well as ground maneuver operations with South Korean forces. http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/02/27/2012022700654.html

It is reality of North Korea

[Photos] Goddesses of Carnival

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UNHRC Discusses Repatriation of N.Korean Defectors

A South Korean government representative to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday urged "all countries directly involved" to abide by the principle prohibiting forced repatriation so that North Korean defectors in China are not sent back against their will. In a keynote speech at a UNHRC meeting in Geneva, Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Bong-hyun said, "North Korean defectors are not a matter of political consideration but a humanitarian issue. They are in an unimaginably terrible situation where they are deprived of their basic rights and dignity. If repatriated, they face a seriously life-threatening and inhumane fate, including torture." Kim did not mention China directly. He also expressed concerns about human rights abuses in the North, especially in political prison camps. He urged the North to respond to the South Korean Red Cross' proposal to resume reunions of families separated by the Korean War and the North's bizarre abduction campaign. "An increasing number of families of abduction victims, prisoners-of-war and others have died without knowing whether their relatives are still alive," he said. Kim also mentioned the plight of so-called comfort women, who were pressed into sexual slavery for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II. "All countries concerned should take necessary measures including compensation for the victims and punishment of those responsible, as well as trying to protect women during wartime," he said. http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/02/28/2012022800746.html North Korean Defectors - Movie | Crossing 1 of 10

China to Repatriate 'Hundreds' of N.Koreans

Hundreds of North Korean defectors were awaiting repatriation as of last Friday after being arrested in various parts of China, rights activists say. "Some 220 defectors have been interrogated by regional security departments in China and are being held at about 10 detention centers near the North Korea-China border," said Kim Hoe-tae of Solidarity for North Korean Human Rights. "They'll be sent back to the North one by one." Other defector groups and activists say there are even more, counting those who are still on the way to detention centers after their arrests, bringing the total to anywhere between 300 and 400. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China sent between 4,800 and 8,900 defectors back to the North every year between 1998 and 2006, Kim added. Former unification deputy minister Kim Suk-woo agreed. "China has repatriated about 5,000 defectors to the North every year under an agreement on the extradition of fugitives and criminals it concluded with the North in the 1960s," he said. Different groups give different estimates on the number of defectors who have been arrested in Shenyang, Yanji, and Changchun this month, ranging from 24 to 40. "We're certain of the number of defectors arrested in China for whom we've worked through our brokers," a member of a defector group said. "But it's hard for us to find out the total number." But most activists believe the numbers reported in the press are just the tip of the iceberg. ◆ Flood of Refugees It is estimated that somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 North Koreans are currently roaming China, including North Korean women who were sold to Chinese men, people who crossed the border in search of food, and families who are trying to get to South Korea. Those who are looking for food often find work at factories or lumber camps in China as undocumented immigrant workers. But those who wish to defect to the South move to designated gathering points, from where they are taken to safe houses provided by Christian missions and cross the border through the southwestern province of Yunnan into Laos or Burma. They then make their way to Thailand, where they spend three or four weeks in immigration detention centers before they are deported to South Korea. Some 2,500 to 3,000 defectors have reached South Korea annually over the past five years, 2,737 last year. ◆ Hardship The fate of defectors who are arrested in China and repatriated depends on what motivated them to flee in the first place. Those who fled hunger are normally categorized as ordinary criminals and held in prisons or labor camps managed by the Ministry of People's Security. They suffer forced labor and beatings but are released after a certain period. But those who are found to have attempted to escape to South Korea, contacted South Koreans or foreigners, or visited churches, are treated as political criminals and held in political concentration camps supervised by the State Security Department. Some are executed, depending on the extent of their crimes or the prevailing mood in the regime. "Defectors can escape the most severe punishment if they insist that they were merely trying to find food in China, even if they really wanted to go to South Korea," a defector said. "But if media reports confirm that they were trying to get to the South, as we've seen recently, they face the worst kind of punishment." Meanwhile, the North Korean propaganda website Uriminzokkiri accused South Korea of "making a bigger fuss about the issue of 'defectors' than ever before." It was the first response from the North since conflict between South Korea and China over the issue started making headlines.

Jean Dujardin wins best actor Oscar for 'The Artist'

Jean Dujardin won the best actor Oscar on Sunday for silent film "The Artist," becoming the first Frenchman to win the coveted accolade and beating out Hollywood frontrunners George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Dujardin was largely unknown outside of France until "The Artist" became the toast of film festivals and started racking up awards last year for his moving, virtually silent portrayal of a dashing actor struggling with Hollywood's transition from silent to talking pictures. Clearly overwhelmed at his win a beaming Dujardin took to the stage punching the air. "I love your country," he declared with his thick French accent. "The Artist" is set in 1927 Hollywood. Dujardin referred to the first Academy Awards in 1929, which honored films from 1927 and 1928. "It's funny because in 1929 it was...Douglas Fairbanks who hosted the first Oscar ceremony," Dujardin said. "It cost $5 and it lasted 15 minutes. Times have changed." He ended his acceptance speech shouting in his native French "Oh Putain! Genial! Merci! Formidable! Merci beaucoup!" ("Bloody Hell! Brilliant! Thanks! Fantastic! Thank you very much!") followed by: "I love you!" He was also asked if he might make more "talkies" in the United States. He said he would like to, but that he probably would not because he is French. More article : http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/27/us-oscars-jeandujardin-idUSTRE81Q0EJ20120227

NK deploys upgraded long-range rocket launchers: source

North Korea has developed and deployed improved long-range multiple rocket launchers in time to celebrate the centennial of its founder's birth this spring, a source here said Monday. According to the source, North Korea recently completed upgrading the previous model of its 240-millimeter rocket launchers, and named them 'Juche 100 Guns,' after the North's primary ideology of self-reliance. The source said the new launchers have more than doubled the range of the earlier version, which could fire up to 60 kilometers, and that they have been deployed to some artillery units. North Korea is known to have been operating two types of 240-mm rocket launchers: the 12-round M-1985 and the 22-round M-1991. The Juche 100 is based on the M-1991, according to the source. North Korea reportedly imported 300-mm ammunitions from Russia and test-fired them for years off the west coast. Intelligence officials here believe the North is expected to unveil the Juche 100 to the public during a massive military parade on April 15 this year, the 100th birthday of the North's founder Kim Il-sung. Experts say South Korea can counter with its own precision-guided land missile capable of hitting Pyongyang. The Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), the surface-to-surface missiles, can be fired from multiple rocket launchers with an effective range of 165 kilometers. Equipped with a global positioning system and inertial guidance technology, these missiles were positioned near the Demilitarized Zone last year. (Yonhap)

South Korea wins Royal Navy tanker deal

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering won bids to build four 35,000-ton next-generation support tankers for the British Royal Navy worth a total of US$700 million on Wednesday. This is third-largest order ever recorded in Korea's defense-related exports, following an order for $1.08 billion worth of submarines from Indonesia, and another for K-9 self-propelled artillery from Turkey worth $1 billion. It is also significant in that it was an export deal to Britain, which built the world's first modern warships. The British government announced that DSME had been chosen as the preferred bidder to build the new support tankers, which are tasked with supplying fuel, ammunition and food to warships. Three firms, including Daewoo, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Italy's Fincantieri competed for the bid. The two Korean companies reportedly gained the upper hand due to their technological prowess and price competitiveness. British officials inspected them both in April and May last year, and also visited supply tankers of the Korean Navy. An official at Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration said, "We have secured a stepping stone to make inroads into the European market for military vessels."

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Please... Save N. Korean defectors from being deported back to N.Korea

A photo of North Korean defectors being deported back to North Korea has been released to the public for the first time. Taken in August last year at the North Korea-China borderlands of Tumen in China and Onsong County of North Hamkyong Province, the picture shows Chinese police sending back a North Korean family of a man, two women and a teenage boy back to the North. Having departed a concentration camp in Tumen, a pickup truck enters the North Korean and Chinese border bridge. WJ refers to the license plate of the Chinese armed police force. "The family members in the back seat were wearing manacles on their wrists. Women were lying unconscious and the man seemed to have given up, with his eyes closed. The children looked terrified. Tourists were abustle at the sight." Defectors arrested at the Tumen camp are sent back to North Korea in trucks once a week on average, but this family was transported differently in an apparent political move. Across the bridge lies the North Korean worker district of Onsong.
The story of a North Korean defector..... "My younger cousin loved meat. We grew up in the same neighborhood together. I was going to take her to (South) Korean barbecue places when she came back to (South) Korea. But that may never happen." A former North Korean defector who came to South Korea five years ago had both heartening and heartbreaking moments last year. He heard that his cousin had left her hometown of North Hamkyong Province to arrive in Changchun, the capital of China`s Jilin County. As soon as the former defector heard the news, he asked his friends in China to help arrange a meeting with his cousin. He remembered her as a young and charming girl who would tag along with him to school. He never got a hold of her, however. He hired a broker to find her but in vain. Fearing that something might have happened to her, he tried to calm himself down. Five months later while passing a newsstand on the street, he found a newspaper that said North Korean defectors were caught by Chinese police and were on the brink of being deported. He then realized that his cousin was one of those arrested. For the former defector, he felt as if his world was caving in. Since new North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has come to the fore, the communist state has repetitively warned of the "extermination of three generations" of defectors. The former defector could not go to work for fear that his cousin would become another victim. The former defector has written many letters to his cousin in the hope that she will read them eventually. With swollen eyes, he said, "I never had a chance to say I love her. She wanted to be a teacher. If I meet her again, I will say I love her and that everything`s okay now. I desperately hope that people take interest in this issue." Kim Jung-un, the son of Kim Jung-il and NK's current leader, declared that refugees who flee North Korea during the 100-day mourning period of his father's death would be annihilated along with their families. China already know this fects.. but they are ready to send back a North Korean defectors... It really can't be happen.... Poll http://www.ask500people.com/questions/what-is-your-opinion-of-chinas-repatriation-of-all-nkorean-defectors

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China's heart - Friendship or Human rights...

S. Korea carries out military drill despite threats from N.Korea

South Korea fired live artillery on Monday in a military drill near the country's heavily armed border with North Korea, which has described the exercise as a provocation.The drill Monday involved howitzers, mortars and attack helicopters, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported. It took place on islands off the west coast of the Korean peninsula where tensions have flared in the past. Seoul notified the North on Sunday of the drill, a regular live-fire exercise that lasts an hour. About 1,000 island residents were moved to safe areas during the drill, Yonhap reported, citing military officials. "This is a very dangerous play with fire to ignite a war against the North as it is a clear declaration of war against it," Pyongyang's state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Sunday, citing a bulletin from the Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea. In late 2010, North Korea responded to a South Korean military exercise in the same area by firing artillery at Yeonpyeong Island, killing two South Korean marines and two civilians. "If the puppet warmongers preempt reckless firing despite our warning, they will not escape punishment thousands-fold severer" than the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island, the bulletin said. It identified "the puppet warmongers" as being South Korea and the United States, which has tens of thousands of troops in South Korea. The death in December of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and the subsequent anointment of his son and chosen successor, Kim Jong Un, has created uncertainty about the future direction of the secretive regime in Pyongyang. Further tensions over military maneuvers on the Korean peninsula are expected in the coming weeks. There are two joint exercises planned involving thousands of U.S. and South Korean forces scheduled between February and April.

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S.Korea to Build T-50 Training Center in Portugal

South Korea is planning to construct an overseas pilot training center in Portugal by 2014 for Korean Aerospace Industries' T-50 supersonic military jet trainer. A Defense Ministry official said Portugal was designated as the primary negotiation partner for the construction of the center, and the two parties are expected to sign a memorandum of understanding next month. The official said once the center is completed, training systems in coordination with the T-50 will be shared with other countries. The grounds are also expected to be utilized for the export of the trainer jet. South Korea will inject 300 billion won into developing international training centers over the next 30 years.

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S. Korea, Qatar agree to form cooperation mechanism

Leaders of South Korea and Qatar agreed Thursday to form a top-level cooperation mechanism handling all issues of cooperation between the two countries from oil and energy to science and technology, military and security, and green growth, officials said. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak agreed to the establishment of a “High-level Strategic Cooperation Committee” after Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani suggested the mechanism to expand the scope of bilateral cooperation to all sectors, senior presidential press secretary Choe Geum-nak said. “The two leaders will take charge of the committee in person,” Choe said. “This means that the two leaders can resolve problems directly through a hot line when lower-level discussions hit a snag.” The Qatari leader also called on South Korea to play greater roles in his efforts to transform the “desert nation” into an industrial country, senior presidential secretary on green growth Kim Sang-hyup said. Lee arrived in Doha earlier Thursday on missions to ensure a stable supply of crude oil to South Korea and to campaign for South Korean builders to participate in major real estate development and infrastructure construction projects in the Middle Eastern nation.
More detail : http://www.koreaherald.com/national/Detail.jsp?newsMLId=20120210001181

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Saudi Arabia promises stable crude aid supply

President Lee of South Korea has requested Saudi Arabia for a stable crude oil supply regarding the Iranian crisis. Saudi Arabia has willingly embraced the request, promising aid when necessary. The Arab nation has worked as the leader of OPEC for a stable worldwide crude oil supply. It has been 50 years since Saudi Arabia has established diplomatic relations with South Korea. President Lee is currently visiting Qatar. The South Korean president is planing to hold a bilateral summit with the king of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad, with the plan of establishing a high ranked strategic conference. Regarding energy, the two nations have already reached a settlement by agreeing upon the details about the energy and industrial cooperation Memorandum of Understanding. http://www.africasia.com/services/news_mideast/article.php?ID=CNG.1acb098b785b758e2a25af6194040dbc.171

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Korea, Turkey Establish Strategic Partnership

Korea and Turkey have agreed to upgrade their level of cooperation to a strategic partnership. The move came during a bilateral summit between President Lee Myung-bak and his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul on Monday morning. The two sides agreed to deepen and diversify bilateral relations in various fields such as the economy, political affairs and culture. Officials say that Korea's technology and Turkey's regional network can create a strong synergy effect, and this in turn will pave the way for Korean businesses to enter the Arab market.

China: High volume of fruit exports to North Korea

Approximately 10,000 tons of fruit are being exported every year to North Korea via the Chinese city of Dandong in Liaoning Province. The city borders North Korea at the estuary of the Yalu River. The fruit is thought to be imported by the ruling elite of the country and the high volume is in spite of food shortages. An source in the city said, “About 10,000 tons of fruit were exported to North Korea via Dandong Marine Centre last year,” adding, “They were worth 100 million yuan ($16 million).” Shipments to North Korea have grown about 15 percent per year on average over the past five years, the source said. Fruits exported to the North include the different varieties available in China, including subtropical and tropical types such as bananas, pineapples, lychees, dragon fruit and durians as well as apples, tangerines and watermelons. The source said fruit exports surge just before major North Korean holidays, including Feb. 16 (the birthday of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il) and April 15 (the birthday of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung). “Fruit exports significantly increased ahead of Christmas Day in the past, but there was no notable change in exports last year due to the death of Kim Jong Il,“ the source said. North Korea does not celebrate Christmas but fruit exports usually increased because Dec. 24 marks the birthday of Kim Jong Il’s biological mother Kim Jong Suk. The shipments are sent to Pyongyang for use at events or consumed by the power elite. Payment is made mostly with U.S. dollars, but the yuan is often used to settle accounts. Source: english.donga.com

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N.Korea's Smiling New Leader

The North Korean regime is apparently trying to project a more cheerful image of new leader Kim Jong-un, who is seen wreathed in smiles in the latest official pictures. Kim was pictured smiling during visits to military bases, holding the hands of soldiers and even whispering in their ears in an apparent bid to stress a sense of camaraderie. Choi Jin-wook at the Korea Institute of National Unification said, "When Kim Il-sung died in 1994, Kim Jong-il ordered a lengthy mourning period which led to a depressed atmosphere that exacerbated economic woes. Kim Jong-un is seen smiling a lot because they learned the lessons of 1994." In other words, Kim Jong-un is acting as a kind of cheerleader after the potentially destabilizing death of his father Kim Jong-il. A government official here said, "North Korea may appear stable from the outside, but the situation internally must be urgent and intense. The theory is bolstered every time I see Kim Jong-un trying to imitate his grandfather even in the way he smiles." It sits oddly with North Korea's strong Confucian traditions for a bereaved son to go around grinning before the 49-day official mourning period that ended on Friday is over. North Korean propaganda officials, who carefully stage all the new leader's movements, must be fully aware of this. But they apparently decided that it is more important to consolidate his hold on power by whatever means necessary.

Number of N. Korean mobile phone users tops 1 mln: report

More than 1 million North Koreans are subscribed to mobile phone services provided by Egypt's Orascom Telecom, a media report said Thursday (local time), indicating growing mobile penetration in the reclusive country. The number of cell phone users in North Korea has reportedly surged in recent years despite Pyongyang's strict control over any flow of information within and across its borders. Orascom made the announcement in a regulatory filing on Thursday, Bloomberg said. The company launched mobile phone services in North Korea in 2008 through Koryolink, a joint venture it set up with the North. Koryolink is the sole mobile phone operator in the communist country. Also Thursday, Orascom chief Naguib Sawiris met with North Korea's nominal head of state, Kim Yong-nam, the North's official media said. Kim, the president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, the North's rubber-stamp legislature, had a "friendly talk" with Sawiris, according to the (North) Korean Central News Agency, without giving further details. North Korea, which has a population of 24 million people, first launched a mobile phone service in Pyongyang in 2002. The service was later banned after a deadly explosion in a northern train station in 2004, possibly out of concern that it could be used in a plot against the regime. (Yonhap News)

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Why North Korean soldiers are doing day-labors?

Recently, more North Korean soldiers have been appearing on day laboring markets, something that hasn't happened before. These soldiers get employed to fix the roofs and floors of other people's homes, or making coal briquette to earn money. This kind of labor used to be done by the poorest of North Korean citizens. However, the severe famine and economic depression has forced the once-elite soldiers out to day labor job markets. Only until a while ago, the soldiers used to be the ones with authority, giving orders to everybody. Now, they must do rough work to make money for daily meals. On the surface, North Korea keeps screaming about strong and prosperous nation, but they can't even feed their own soldiers anymore. Just what do they think they're doing?

2012년 1월 29일 일요일

No 'significant' change to U.S. troops in Korea: Adm. Willard

The head of the U.S. Pacific Command said Friday that there will be no "significant" change in the scale and role of American troops in South Korea despite the Pentagon's plan to cut budgets and slash the number of ground troops. Adm. Robert Willard, however, left open the possibility for some adjustment, based on annual consultations between the allies, given regional security conditions. The agreement to station roughly 30,000 soldiers in Korea is generally to face North Korea but also "with an understanding that those troops are there with the region in mind," he told reporters at a press conference organized by the Washington Foreign Press Center.
more article : http://www.koreaherald.com/national/Detail.jsp?newsMLId=20120128000053

N. Korea Pegged as 3rd Most Dangerous Country for Business

British corporate advisory group Maplecroft has designated North Korea, Myanmar and Somalia as the worst places to do business in the world. Maplecroft said in a recent report that North Korea ranked third among a survey of 173 countries to slate the most dangerous nations for carrying out corporate activities. Last Thursday, North Korea was also chosen as one of the most unfavorable places to do business among 179 countries in a recent survey conducted by U.S. conservative think tank Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/news/news_IK_detail.htm?No=87776&id=IK

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Sudden unification could cause 3.65 mil. N. Koreans to enter S. Korea: report

Source :http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2012/01/113_103421.html Sudden unification between South and North Korea could cause a flood of refugees across the land border that could rock the local labor market, a business organization said Tuesday. A report by the Korea Employers Federation (KEF) predicted that if the North Korean regime collapsed suddenly, up to 3.65 million people from the communist country may cross over into capitalist South Korea. "Even under a conservative estimate, up to 1.61 million North Koreans may move to South Korea, mainly because of the huge difference in wages and employment opportunities," the KEF said. It said such a wholesale movement of people could seriously disrupt the local labor market and cause other social problems. "North Koreans who migrate into South Korea will probably find work as menial laborers and take over positions held by foreign migrant workers," the federation said. There may be some 470,000 jobs that North Korean workers may be able to fill immediately in case the two Koreas unify, although exact numbers are hard to predict, it added. The federation, representing the interest of entrepreneurs, said government policymakers should carefully look at the confusion caused in the aftermath of Germany's unification to prevent similar developments taking place on the Korean Peninsula. They stressed that measures must be taken to limit wage hikes in North Korea after unification so it does not endanger sustained economic growth.

ROK Special forces